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When Sabrina Deep started her adult career in 2007, her immediate attention towards fans and her tours around the world to meet them face by face wasn't largely understood within the adult industry. Four years later, however, things look pretty different and the adult industry seem to start realizing more and more that directly involving fans in the production and marketing aspects of the business represents the way out from a static and saturated market. If you think "pornstars who fuck their fans", today, you think Sabrina Deep. Fanstalker offers you a highly recognized brand in the top adult niche of today and of tomorrow. Promote an innovative idea, a highly in demand product, an unsaturated niche with top conversion and retention rates. Two girls, two sites and more incoming.

Sabrina Deep

Crowned Queen of bukkake and gangbangs by Howard Stern himself, Sabrina is undoubtely the inventor of the fanstalker niche in the adult industry. She has got an Xbiz nomination for web babe of the year in 2011.
Keywords: gangbang, fanstalker, bukkake.

Gina Blonde

Former contract girl for Private, Gina has starred in thousands of movies worldwide and now she rewards her fans meeting them in the flesh and shooting movies with them.
Keywords: gangbang, fanstalker, creampie.
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  • Each girl dates her fans for real and each site content is shot with fans; members can meet the girls for real, get their private telephone number, access their most intimate moments through peeping cameras directly installed in their homes: generate the advertising revenue you are looking for, promoting the adult stars who have created and lead on this fast expanding unique niche.
  • The best webmaster support around: each girl deals with webmasters, personally, always! Your needs will always be addressed to the right person and taken care with the best of attention and care.
  • Four updates a week: each site is regularly updated and loaded with years and years of exclusive content. Promote Unsaturated content in a unique niche.
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